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Caregivers have several factors to consider when choosing end-of-life care, including the older person's desire to pursue life-extending or curative treatments, how long he or she has left to live, and the preferred setting for care. Read more about where end-of-life care is given. Doctors can provide treatment to seriously ill patients in the hopes of a cure for as long as possible. These patients may also receive medical care for their symptoms, or palliative care, along with curative treatment. A palliative care consultation team is a multidisciplinary team that works with the patient, family, and the patient's other doctors to provide medical, social, emotional, and practical support.

The team is made of palliative care specialist doctors and nurses, and includes others such as social workers, nutritionists, and chaplains. Palliative care can be provided in hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient palliative care clinics and certain other specialized clinics, or at home.

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Medicare , Medicaid , and insurance policies may cover palliative care. Veterans may be eligible for palliative care through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Private health insurance might pay for some services.

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Health insurance providers can answer questions about what they will cover. Check to see if insurance will cover your particular situation. In palliative care, you do not have to give up treatment that might cure a serious illness. Palliative care can be provided along with curative treatment and may begin at the time of diagnosis. Over time, if the doctor or the palliative care team believes ongoing treatment is no longer helping, there are two possibilities.

Palliative care could transition to hospice care if the doctor believes the person is likely to die within 6 months see What does the hospice 6-month requirement mean? Or, the palliative care team could continue to help with increasing emphasis on comfort care. Increasingly, people are choosing hospice care at the end of life.

Hospice can be provided in any setting—home, nursing home, assisted living facility , or inpatient hospital. Kinda true. But for people who spent our lives up to that point TOO stable, we were glad to have everything change so much. At that point I had wished I could just drive it myself. I was a history major in college.

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One of my biggest inspirations for traveling. I think we OVER planned for coming back. We could have traveled another month or so. In fact, we got two months at an Airbnb here in the states while we looked for jobs and got reestablished.

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This one I really have to disagree with you on. But my wife and I had a two bedroom duplex with a basement before leaving. Owned two cars, yada yada. Traveling also helped shape us as who we are as a couple and helped form an idea about the future. Oh absolutely. We started planning within 6 months of being back. One big trip abroad was simply not enough for one lifetime. We only did 6 months last time and want to do a year this next time. If we could do 2 straight years we would, no question. If you took the time to read this rebuttal, thank you.

Obsiouly we have different feelings on a lot of these issues, but still see eye to eye on quite a bit.

Thank you so much for such a thoughtful and detailed response! It sounds like you had a very different experience than we did, especially with your lives before and after your trip, which is so cool.

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Either way you slice it, long-term-travel is a life changing experience, whether that change is good or bad or neutral or just eye-opening. Welcome back to the Bay Area! I live here myself and have always thought about enjoying the world freely and you are definitely a motivation. I studied abroad for a year and that was TOUGH, it felt like I went through SO much while everyone back home was just doing their normal, everyday thing.

Loved the read! I love this post.

This puts things into perspective and gives me some to contemplate before taking the leap. Omg i can totally relate to this. I quit my job over 1. Travelling is the best but most confusing thing I Have ever done.

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Great article, a few of these points really resonated with me. Also about losing friends. The conversations these days are more about breast pumps and baby led weaning!! It can be harder to find common ground! I LOVE getting a feel for new places and listening and smelling and taking notes of things I want to come back and take pics of! I relate to it so much from our own trip!

Oh man — my husband, too. Best of luck! This is such a wonderful detailed post. I always dream of stepping away from my job and traveling but it seems like such a scary thing to do. Very relatable! And I was actually loving it! What a great read! I can relate to most points you talk about. The landing back home was no doubt the hardest part for me as well. I went away twice for a couple of years and then had to start my life from scratch on return.

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Thank for sharing your experience. It was so good to read this post! To reading your post I find a balance between travel and everyday boring job life. And your 11 no. Loved reading this and a lot of what you mentioned resonated with me. Even though each trip was short, what you mentioned about feeling homesick or missing certain things, etc.