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They do not allow you to examine any book of your choice. We wanted to search any book of our choice. They do not allow you to examine any language of your choice. They do not allow you to search random letter strings mixed-up letter combinations. They are slow. They do not provide the source code, so you have no way of knowing if they are reliable. They do not all allow searching for the word "backwards", effectively limiting your search by half. They do not provide the statistics you need to properly analyze this "phenomenon". They have a "cut-off" point.

The typical spacing is not allowed to be more than letters. In fact, how can you make any conclusion? Needless to say, we wrote our own program. We compared the results of our program with the available programs,when limited to a spacing of characters, to ensure that the results were accurate. The results In the following few graphs, we will show some of the search results done with the English Bible King James Version.

After the spaces and punctuation were removed, the string was 3 letters in length. Searching for the word "branham", we found this word times forward search and times backward search. As we were looking for "hidden codes", the minimum allowed spacing was 2. A spacing of 1 means that the words are not "hidden", but written in the text. Forward search -- found times. Backward search -- found times. Note the following: The "dots" are fairly "evenly" distributed throughout the area. This would seem to indicate that this is a natural statistical phenomenon. The density of the "dots" are roughly about the same in both cases which is expected because we expect the word to be found almost as much "forward" as "backwards".

The x-axis horizontal is 3 long which is the length of the KJV Bible without spaces and punctuation. This is as expected. The y-axis vertical is 3 divided by 7 length of the word "branham". This is also as expected. Now compare these graphs with the one for the word "statist" also 7 letters in length. This word was part of research into the variations of the word "statisticalanalysis" "statistical analysis".

We started with "s", then "st", then "sta", then "stat", and so on. We used the phrase "statist" here because it also has 7 letters like "branham" , for comparison. The results are obvious. The letter 'e' occurs more than any other letter The chances of you finding a letter 'e' in the KJV is better than finding the letter 'q' 0. Ancient Bible , Ancient manuscript , Bible , Religion. Like it? Share with your friends!

Ancient Code was founded in by author and researcher Ivan Petricevic. Thre website is based on the Ancient Astronaut Theory, but it also offers its readers a vast collection of articles about History, Mythology, Lost Civilizations, etc. Ro-MONZ won three…..

He was a chariot racer, doncha know. Sadop ough Sadop 1 secret downloaded 4 a few hours the particular Wenn nichts wichtig ist, Nichts sinnvoll ist und nichts ntig ist, Dann hast du shut off totale Freiheit und keine Verantwortung. Previous Post. Remember me. Se connecter. This book, I believe, for the first time reveals knowledge that has been buried in the Bible under a secret code. There have been many attempts to uncover this code, and all previous attempts have contributed in a positive way to this writing.

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The book is my personal contribution to improvement of mankind through the acknowledgment of the truth and the defeat of falsehood. I am not, though, writing this with rose-colored glasses. There will always be those who hate the Truth for personal worldly gains, those who take comfort in falsehood, those who would follow blindly what their ancestors believed true or false , those who worship at the altar of their base desires, and those who benefit from evil in the world. The ultimate victory of Truth over falsehood is with God Almighty, and I wish that the reader is guided to the Truth.


This book is also a way to thank God Almighty for guiding me away from falsehood, and this book is for others like me. Know Your Bible--Expanded Edition. Paul Kent. William Pettinggill.

The Secret Code of the King James Bible

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