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The Orthodox Church no longer possesses an exact equivalent for this office. The order of acolyte has fallen into disuse with other minor orders, such as doorkeepers and exorcists. At one time there was a rank of minor clergy called the taper-bearer, responsible for bearing lights during processions and liturgical entrances; however, this rank has long ago been subsumed by that of the reader ; the service for the ordination of a reader mentions both functions.

The functions of an acolyte or taper-bearer are therefore carried out by readers, subdeacons , or by unordained men or boys. Subdeacons wear their normal vestments consisting of the sticharion and crossed orarion ; readers and unordained servers generally wear the sticharion alone. While in other Christian entities the term Acolyte is used for someone preparing for the major orders of clergy, this is not implied in Orthodox usage. They have the same function as the Eastern Rite acolytes earlier had. Please consider supporting OrthodoxWiki.

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They have the same function as the Eastern Rite acolytes earlier had. Please consider supporting OrthodoxWiki. From OrthodoxWiki. Jump to: navigation , search.

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Theere are imps incoming, first there's one portal, then two, etc. Imps doesnt hit hard, but they just annoying.

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The Acolyte Imperiled - www. Comment by Shashos I used the "Die and wait for the quest to complete" method. This quest is well beyond ridiculous. I tried everything I could think of from blowing cooldowns to constant healing. Even tried bear form. No dice. Died many times.

Comment by Wizairde It is like they sat around and pondered 'how rough can we make this compared to other artifact quests' Definitely should just kill them over and over and if they do survive the runes should kill them. Edit: I finally did it at blood DK for my Unholy weapon.. Comment by lycanthropic The simplest way to do this - just die. Don't rez until the quest completes. Takes about 45 seconds or so and saves you the cuss and chuck. You're welcome. Comment by Kalipsus The next quest is called Dabbling in the Demonic. Comment by tph88 Well maybe this changed, because I was no longer able to die, wait it out and just let the quest complete, then rez.

It never completed I went and washed the dishes and got a drink and still nothing. What eventually did work was just kiting the imps around the staircase and killing a few when they were single or just 2. Comment by Talboth Easiest way as feral at least to do this without a cheat is to simply back into the edge of the doorway just out into the hall. It creates a bottleneck and you can swipe and thrash them down until Rityssin finishes. This way you're not in the room with them all spread out gunning you down.

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Comment by Wimbleton Yet another class-specific quest; if you're an Afflock or a Pallie, just kill them all in 30 seconds and use their corpses for wall decorations. If you're a Mage, you'll just barely be able to kill them all with 24 buffs on. Rogues have a different problem - the imps can see through stealth and you can't kill eight or ten of them in a group, no matter what your gear level is and you can't pull some of the group farther than another; in other words, you can't separate the group of X.

They've figured that out.

What finally worked for this Outlaw was to trigger the imps, stealth and run as far away as possible but not too far I know it's a little tricky. Do not die, because that resets the quest. The imps will run out of the room after you but if you stay far enough away, they won't start shooting at you.

The Acolyte Imperiled

Wait three or so minutes and the quest will complete. I don't know if this is the new kludge for rogues but it worked at least once. Comment by wotscheints now December this quest is old. Not sure if the imp damage was nerfed or the imps only tickled me because I was specced into guardian druid.

Apparently I killed the imps too fast and the quest didn't complete when all imps were gone and their portals despawned. I found this page and tried to find a solution. Found nothing. I decided to abandon the quest and do it again. Just moonfired all imps, left the room so they stack at the doorway then autohit them to death.

Quest completed. It's interesting how Blizzard still doesn't fix broken quests.

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Comment by Eklypz At first I did it by killing all imps as fast as possible, and I got stuck. Go outside the room, always keep one alive until no more imps appear, and it should do the job. Add to list The Acolyte Imperiled.