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Japji Sahib - Sikh Prayer

Some refer to it as the stage of righteous action or region of inward orientation. In fact after gaining the new knowledge of the second stage, the seekers become inspired to take further steps to make the life richer and nobler. They exercise increased self-control and actively cultivate moral virtue. Through their new found patience and perserverance, their mental power and emotional potentiality are redirected.

They are able to direct their thoughts, desires and emotions towards spiritual advancement. This stage requires sustained endeavour on the part of all seekers to probe within themselves, to cast away their egocentricity and replace it with God-consciousness, to become a sort of a super-person whose comprehension, discernment, intuitive cognition and understanding are refined and perfected: There is moulded in their now discerning mind a recognition and understanding.

Of the consciousness of gods and mystics! Man's spiritual efforts on their own end, without God's grace cannot come to fruition. Heis always a seeker and a devotee whose hope is to receive ultimate recognition by the Lord: Death or frustration can no longer affect those, In whose hearts, dwells the All-pervading Lord! In this realm exist the heroes who suffered martyrdom for worthy causes or died fighting on the battle field of life with God's Name on their lips. They are rewarded by God's blessing and are then beyond this world's turmoil and tension. Noble souls are fearless souls, full of power and grace; they show their love of God by working for the public good.

They do not mind dying to protect others from tyranny and fanaticism.

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They are also delighted if they can guide the novice on to the spiritual path. They are constantly awake of the presence of the Lord within themselves. Sach-Khand is not a region.

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It is a state of mind in which the seeker and God are now linked. In the Realm of Truth,abides the Formless one. He watches over all he has created with bounteous eyes! This is The State of Achievement, with all its splendour and bliss. The devotee now becomes the Saint, in tune with Infinite. It should be realised that this stage of bliss is attainable during one's ordinary life. The stages need not be sequential. They may be simultaneous. They occur when seeker, while living in the world and doing his daily chores, gains this higher spiritual knowledge and then so disciplines himself that he wins Divine favour and becomes graced by God.

Verse 38 summerises all five stages and additionally examples the achievement of the seeker, to the minting of a gold coin. The process of smelting, refining, moulding and stamping is vividly brought out. In a factory of self-control, where patience the gold-smith beats out the golden ore of life on an anvil of understanding with a hammer of wisdom, the gold then purified, of by the fire of austerity, blown by the bellows of discipline, thereafter the molten gold is pounded in the crucible of love, and cast in the mould of immortality.

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In this way the gold coin is finally stamped with the Guru's Name, in the True Mint. This is the way God favours those who win His grace and so come to supreme bliss. This transformation of human clay into gold in not within man's choice. Only those who completely surrender to His Will are given the chance to be moulded in this Mint of Truth. If you wish to play the game of love with me, Then enter into my Path in humility and With your head held in your hands. AG, In the Salok epilogue Guru Nanak stresses, the performance of good actions, for they are essential to spiritual uplift.

Only by altruistic actions coupled with the remembrance of the Holy Name can one hope to win Divine Grace. Our life gives us opportunity. We either do our best to achieve the goal or fritter it away in useless pursuits, this is our own choice. It is possible for people to attain their goal in this life or the next. Those who reach their goal are like pole-stars which give light and direction to those who still live in the world's darkness.

Such torch-bearers, inspire many others to cross the ocean of life successfully. The message in Japji has inspired many seekers of The Truth. The late Prof.


Japji: Immortal Prayer Chant

Puran Singh was spiritually awakened through the recitation and message of the Japji. He wrote: Japji has in it the inimitable rhythm of life, in Nature; it encourages man to flow as a fountain of the milk of human kindness. Japji is a text for the art of living in unison with Nature and with God Nature. Those who carry the likeness of God within them, dwell in their inmost circle of the family that is Nature.

Is it not crude to speak of 'one's own family' and not to be of all families? What is the court-yard which knows not the moon or the mountains within its small expanse? It Is miserable to be small. But by its rhythm, Japji lifts us to great heights.

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We clasp the stars in one hand and the roots of life in another. In its vision swing many universes.

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In its sound,live many beatitiful gods and goddesses. In its movement there is the thrill of the silvered steps of the myriad dancers in the sky. In its repetition is the assonance of the choir heavenly and the companionship of liberated souls. It teaches no philosophy, but imparts the spark of life.

Be it true or false, in its chant is the secret of the future esoteric religion of all mankind. Gobind Singh Mansukhani World Gurudwaras will strive to be most comprehensive directory of Historical Gurudwaras and Non Historical Gurudwaras around the world. Thereafter, all Sikh places of worship came to be known as gurdwaras.

Subduing the ego comes with the faithful practice of reading Nitnem and Guru Granth Sahib scripture regularly, in order to become familiar with Gurbani. Nitnem is a word meaning daily covenant. Nitnem prayers, or Banis , are written in Gurmukhi script. Nitnem Banis are daily prayers required to be read, recited or reviewed by listening appropriately. Nitnem includes a set of five prayers known as Panj Bania:. Amrit Banis are prayers recited by the Panj Pyare during the initiation ceremony and are included as part of the morning prayers by devout Sikhs as part of their nitnem:.

Sikhism prayer books are used for the divine poetic language of Gurbani and written in the Gurmukhi script. The prayers were written by the Gurus who were very particular in their teachings and preparations of the disciples. The lessons were the language of the higher power and passed down from multiple generations.

All Sikhs, regardless of origin, are required to learn to read the Gurmukhi script in order to be able to read Sikhism daily prayers and scriptures, Nitnem, and the Guru Granth Sahib. Learning Gurmukhi script can happen in a variety of ways. Additionally, the "Let's Learn Punjabi Jigsaw" is a fun 40 piece Punjabi alphabet jigsaw puzzle which aids in learning the Gurmukhi script. The Gurmukhi script is identical to the Punjabi Alphabet.