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Worship music is one of the fastest ways to connect our hearts with God. You're welcome to listen, sing along, raise your hands, etc. If you don't know the song, we've got the lyrics up on the screen for you to follow along to.

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We're all about small groups here at Vineyard. Small Groups are a great way to make friends and meet people.

There are ongoing small groups, semester-long small groups, common interest groups With every new season, we have a ton of new small groups starting up. You can find out more on our small group page or next time you're at church pick up a Grow Guide in the Welcome Center. Our Beliefs. Your Next Step. This new large print edition includes travel notes and photographs from Adam's trip to the Holy Lands.

Read The Journey on your own or, for a more in-depth study, enjoy it with a small group. Also available:. This book may be the greatest Christmas present of the year.

Evangelical Women in Belfast

What is racing towards us from the future that we can begin to experience right now? Worldwide shipping on all products. Empowered Evangelicals.

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